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Wholesale Chocolate Machine & Steamer

Stainless Steel Chocolate Dispensing Machine

3Lt Chocolate Machine

Our fraus chocolate dispensing
machine is designed to hold 3lt of delicious chocolate stirring at the perfect speed, keeping the consistency perfect all day. It also has a temperature control, relieving pressure from your staff, they just pour and serve. These bench top positioned machines are visually impressive in any venue and is
perfect for attracting customer to the product.

Relieve some pressure from your staff by using a Fräus chocolate dispensing machine.

 Machine Specifications
 3 litre food grade polycarbonate bowl Dual thermostat
 Fully removable for easy storage Adjustable drink temperature
 Removable fawcet for easy cleaning Overload protector
 Width: 20cms   Height:40cms
 Depth: 32cms   Net weight: 6kg
wpm steamer

wpm steamer

Small, compact and full of power this standalone steamer is a must for cafes. Containing an in-built thermometer means you can set for whatever temperature you like, once it has reached the desired temperature as shown on the digital screen the unit will automatically stop, leave no space for human error.
Consistency your customers will thank you for