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Frappe & Granita

new Milkshalex Frappe Line

Frappe & Milkshake mix

550/700g canister
12 per outer

Caramel, Mixed Berry, French Vanilla, Mango, Chocolate, Coffee, Banana, Coconut, Mint choc chip & Strawberry 99% fat free Frappe: Our Fraus frappe/Milkshake creates a full flavoured, 99% fat free milk based drink made to excite the senses and satisfy the palate.
Simply add milk, ice or ice cream and blend for outstanding results or add milk & ice cream in a milkshake maker for the best milkshake you’ll ever drink.


1 kg
10 per outer
Blood Orange, Cappuccino,
Chocolate, Sicilian Lemon & Raspberry

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