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Custom Blending

Our speciality is dry blending consumables. We custom develop and blend powdered and granulated products for varying sectors of the food industry.

We have a highly experienced team lead by one of Australia’s top food technologists, and we develop new and innovative products as well as having the ability to match existing product flavour and texture profiles. We also blend products according to customer’s specific formulations. Such formulas are protected from disclosure by our staff and we will gladly sign a confidentiality agreement should a customer so require. Our goal is to be as flexible as we can to accommodate our customers’ needs. We have various packing options that include foil bag, bag in box, composite can, non-glass containers and bulk bags. At Fräus we go above and beyond to give you the finest products and unparalleled service. We are excited by new product opportunities so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your product and packaging needs.


Custom blend chocolate
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