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Barista’s Choice

Bob Drinking Chocolate 70 250g

BOB Chocolate 70%

1kg bag
10 per outer

A must have for dark chocolate lovers. Combining the perfect mix Cote ‘Ivoire cocoa, Organic Coconut Blossum sugar and Madagascan single origin cocoa liquor. The result – a unique decadent premium dark drinking chocolate. Enjoy

Bob Drinking Chocolate 55 250g

BOB Chocolate 55%

1kg bag
10 per outer

Our search for unique drinking chocolate ingredients takes us to West Africa.
We have combined the deep rich earthy notes of Cote D’Ivoire cocoa, with a full flavoured rich Ghanaian cocoa liquor and organic coconut blossum sugar.
The result is a high anti-oxidant, low GI medium dark drinking chocolate which delivers a flavour journey from first sip to last.


BOB Chocolate 40%

1kg bag
10 per outer

We hunted the world over to find just the perfect mix of cocoa beans, combined with Australian brown cane sugar to give this hot chocolate a deep rich chocolate flavour with hints of malt, black cherry, earthy tones and caramel-molasses.

Bob three hugging organic 250g

Tree Hugging BOB V-GF

1kg bag
10 per outer

Bobs natural side comes out with this unique blend of organic Dutch cocoa and
organic coconut blossom sugar. This 40% cocoa drinking chocolate is lo GI and high in antioxidants, delivering a smooth mouth feel with a lingering malt note.


1kg bag
12 per outer
27% cocoa

A perfect blend of 4 signature cocoas,  combined with cocoa solids and natural vanilla. Dlux 27% is perfect for customers that are wanting a smooth well rounded hot chocolate.

DLUX White Chocolate

1kg bag

12 per outer

Designed for lovers of creamy white chocolate. By slowy stiring cocoa butter through the blend we have created a rich and decadent style white hot chocolate. Try adding a scoop to your cafe latte and enjoy a white mocha.

DLUX Coco 36%

1kg bag

12 per outer

A darker blend to our 27% Dlux. The 36% Dlux has a deeper cocoa flavour that lingers in your mouth long after your cup is empty.

Rich Fine

Classic café style hot chocolate, this ones an all rounder.

3kg (3 x 1Kg Bags)
40 scoops per bag

Our rich fine blend is an easy to drink hot chocolate which delivers a beautiful choc fudge note. Having an icing sugar base means it’s soft texture also makes it popular for use in dusting chocolate for cappuccino’s, hot chocolates and cakes.

Supreme 20%

10 per outer

This traditional café style drinking chocolate is perfect as both a hot chocolate and cappuccino sprinkle.